Why most merchants willing to offer coupons?

The questions to be discussed today are very common but seem to violate logic: Why are merchants (such as McDonald’s, KFC) willing to offer coupons? Your first reaction is definitely when the coupon attracts customers, but if the customer who has the willingness to consume still use the coupon, will the profit of the merchant be reduced? At the same time, these businesses do not seem to care about the number of coupons distributed, they even developed electronic coupons to benefit the public. Are they not afraid that customers will use coupons to become the norm, reducing the overall profit margin while reducing the promotion effect?
The “coupon” strategy is part of the “price discrimination” concept, because the target audience is not a professional student, so I don’t have much theory. The fundamental purpose of this strategy is to maximize the profit of the business, that is, to minimize the consumer surplus. (Consumer surplus refers to the difference between the highest price that the consumer is willing to pay and the actual payment.) In short, the cost of the merchant’s goods is certain. Let’s take the example of the idyllic crispy chicken, assuming that the cost of the burger is fixed and the price is It is up to the merchants to decide that in the face of wealthy customers, KFC is willing to pay the higher the better, but the wealthy customers account for the overall ratio of the guests is not high, in the face of low- and middle-income people, KFC also has to take into account their psychological price. At this time, the best solution is to impose different pricing on different people, sell them to the rich one hundred and one to sell to the poor. If you do this, KFC will definitely have a lawsuit that can’t be eaten. At this time, the coupon was released. I set an appropriate price, slightly higher than the psychological price of the middle-low income group, and then launched a discount coupon, the best of both worlds.
Then maybe someone has to ask, is the rich not money? They are willing to pay the original price instead of also scouring the coupons? In this case, the price discrimination effect of coupons is not lost? This involves the issue of “time cost”. When you talk about it, you can start an article. In general, it is the value that the rich can create in unit time. That is, the cost per unit time is higher than using this time to search for offers. The benefits that a voucher can get are not too lazy to find or worthwhile in life, so the mentality of paying for it is paid.
Finally, let’s talk about the ethical issue of the “price discrimination” strategy. This strategy solves the pricing problem of the merchants well, and does not harm the overall interests of the customers while obtaining higher profits for the merchants.

The 4 most effective fitness exercises for chest muscle exercise

The first type: flat dumbbell bird. Exercise area: the outer side of the pectoralis major Fitness effect: good exercise of the chest muscles, can make the pectoralis major muscles become stronger, more powerful, can stimulate the growth of chest muscles. Number of practice groups: 3~5 groups, 8~12 fitness bars in each group. Tip: You can use the light weight of the dumbbell at the beginning to master the action essentials, keep the fixed angle of the elbows slightly bent, and put it on the back plane. When lifting up, like holding a big tree, it is not straight up and down, pushing along a certain arc, feeling the stretching and contraction of the chest muscles. Exhale when you open your arms, and breathe when the movement resumes relaxation. Pump Gyms Discount Code August 2018

The second type: Rally cross clamp chest Exercise area: lower pectoralis major, central pectoral muscles Fitness effect: This action is very effective in congestion, using light weight for many times, keeping the elbows slightly curved, bowing with chest, action apex efforts to squeeze the chest muscles. Number of practice groups: 4~6 groups, 20 in each group

The third type: butterfly machine flying bird exercise part: chest muscle suture fitness bar Tip: Straight arm is better than conventional flexion arm movement. Sit on the bench and straighten your arms. The punch is forward and the arm is against the armrest. This way the arms can cross on the chest, the amplitude is naturally greater than the flexion arm movement. Hold the arms for 1-2 seconds and the peaks contract. In order to squeeze the near mid-slit of the pectoral muscle as much as possible, force it to “stand up”. Number of practice groups: 3~5 groups, 8~12 groups each

The fourth type: the upper oblique dumbbell press exercise site: upper pectoralis major muscle. Fitness bar tips: dumbbells than the barbell advantage is that there is no bar limit, you can fully stretch the pectoralis major muscles, be careful not to lower the puncture, so as not to strain the chest muscles. This exercise is done in front of it, because free weight requires a lot of effort. The angle of the swash plate is controlled between 30-45 degrees. The angle is too large, and the pressure on the anterior muscle of the deltoid muscle is also increased, which affects the force of the chest muscle. Number of practice groups: 3~5 groups, 8~12 groups each.

2019 BMW M5 Competition

The 2019 BMW M5 Competition is no secret. Details about the car have leaked onto the internet and not all the rumors have been correct. Horsepower didn’t increase to 625, but that doesn’t mean the new top-level performance sedan from BMW is a dog. The M5 Competition is a beast. It also ushers in a new performance strategy for the BMW M performance division.

Over 30 years ago, the BMW M5 was born to answer the call for a sensible family sedan with sports-car-like performance. When it launched, the M5 became the fastest sedan in existence. Today, the performance of that once world-beating car is what you’d find in a near entry-level BMW 3 Series.

That should provide some context about where our expectations now lie for performance cars. Today’s offerings are nothing short of incredible maybe even a little ridiculous and the current BMW M5 ranks among the quickest in the world. Four doors be damned.

How Is the M5 Competition Better?

With 600 horsepower firing out of the M5′s eight cylinders, BMW didn’t see a need for sweeping changes under the hood. But leaving the engine alone wouldn’t have been acceptable either. So the torque peak of 553 pound-feet lasts a bit longer, teasing out an extra 17 horsepower that brings the total to 617 hp at 6,000 rpm. With the help of all-wheel drive and launch control, BMW says, the M5 Competition does 0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds, besting the standard M5 by a tenth.

Sure, the Competition seems like a no-brainer upgrade over the standard M5. There’s more power, it sounds better and romps around a track in a more tenacious manner. But it’s not perfect.

The M5 Competition remains all-wheel-drive, using the same M xDrive system that BMW debuted in last year’s M5. An eight-speed M Steptronic transmission, designed to handle the increased horsepower, sends power to all four wheels, also allowing driver’s to manually shift gears through shift paddles located on the steering wheel. The transmission offers three modes Efficient, Sport, Ultra-High Performance, which is activated using the Drivelogic rocker switch on the gear selector. A transmission oil cooler is standard.

The 2019 BMW M5 Competition can’t come soon enough. The Mercedes-AMG E63 S is running amok without a competitor a role the new M5 Competition will fill splendidly. Producing beings this July. Pricing for the M5 competition starts at $110,995, including the $995 destination charge. That’s a modest increase in price over the regular M5, which starts at $103,595, including the $995 destination fee.

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